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Our Process


Our process helps us design and execute a plan that is customized to each of our client’s needs and goals. When rock climbing, experts utilize a combination of tools, teamwork, technique and training to mitigate risk and successfully send challenging routes. We like to think we use the same approach in regards to retirement planning and wealth management. Capstone Consulting Group utilizes the following process to help our clients climb their walls.


Financial plans developed at Capstone Consulting Group require the seamless collaboration between Client and Advisor. It is important to us that each of our clients receives a custom tailored plan that prioritizes their goals and satisfies their concerns.


Our team believes that education is an imperative part of retirement and estate planning. Our team is always willing to answer questions regarding investment products, business and retirement planning, and the current state of the market. We are eager to learn about our clients and like to know when their goals, priorities or situations change.


Once a plan is established we use an educated approach to finding the right strategies and investment products for each of our clients. Because we are an independent firm, we have access to some unique products and strategies that Clients might not be able to find elsewhere.


Capstone Consulting Group regularly monitors our client’s investment accounts and cross examines them with their unique financial plan. When adjustments need to be made, the client is informed and counseled accordingly.

Our clients also have their own custom website that is can be utilized to view accounts, budget, and interact with retirement planning calculators and workshops.


We look forward to building client confidence through proper life planning and financial guidance. As we build our business and we always appreciate and encourage feedback, suggestions and client advocacy.